edit this page Amist the sky islands of a shattered world, life exists but it stragles and there is no peace on the world. The world of jikmadator in Draconic it means Broken Blade a fitting name that the surviving dragons named the world was after it was shatted in the chaos of war. When the world was whole the mindflayers begain their couqest of the world the olny thing in their way was the Defenders of humanity but even they could barly hold the Horrors that screamed out of the underdark at bay for long. This conflict would be know as the War that Flayed Minds a trible reminder of what happens when you ignor threats and put them off and illitionary. but the out come of the war was not caused by the mind shattering horrors but by the Masters of the eight towers of magic. The masters try to weave a spell together to Destory the abberations but by doing so they traved on dark roads of power that were beond anything mortal casters can master. But when they made their spell they were very eager to cast it but the all it end up doing is shattering the world and setting the abberation’s plans back millennia.

Now evey day is a fight for survival for the surviving peoples. They fight cretures that are migrating from the undergroud and monsters from their very nightmares. There are a few scatterd citys on the sky islands but many are overruned by monsters and cultists, even the Abberations who are making a come back have taken a few for their sinister proposes. Now many evils are growning, The Outsider races have lanched the crusades that they have so longed planed, Horrers of the War are rebuilding their armys,Depraved cults are calling forth horrors from the lower planes, not even the Cataclysum has put a stop to the dragon wars,but worse of all as an effect of the spell has fused the world now with part of the dreamworld the very nightmares from dreams are coming through portals and many have be lost to beging the onslot.

Despite these what seams to be doomded times there is still one hope The sky kingdoms that have united togeather thought these dark times. The major kingdoms of the alliance akuechari di waph (Forgers of life), The kingdom of Lions hold, the kingdom of Crystile shard, and the Kingdom of tilsin hurthi (Lizard fortress). These kingdoms fight back the horrors but these times need heros and leaders. Only you have the power to save the world or damn it farther, the disition is yours, enemys with come, monsters will try to stop you, you are the only hope left for the world.
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